Rendezvous Salons


"A heart-opening evening of authentic, soulful connection." 


A Rendezvous Salon is a collaborative journey of meaningful contemplation and participation. It's an evening to come together with other good-hearted people to connect and communicate in the context of playing the Rendezvous question game which is a deck of life-affirming questions created / curated by Robert. Great questions combine the mind and heart, awaken our inspiration, inspire meaningful contemplation, and are a universal way to pay homage to the joy, wonder, and intrigue of the human experience! 

7:00  :  Doors open / arrival / check out the gallery / claim a seat / etc.

7:30  :  Start / welcome contemplation
7:45 – 8:15pm  :  Round 1
8:15 – 8:30pm  :  Break
8:30 – 9:00pm  :  Round 2
9:00 – 9:15pm  :  Group contemplation
9:15 – 10:00pm : Open social time

Tickets: $25

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The setting is the enchanting, open-air Princess Court in the heart of downtown Sausalito with bistro tables set amidst flags, lanterns, candles, and art. In small groups of 6-7 we'll play two rounds of drawing cards from the deck to contemplate / ask of others. The questions are simple and universal and everyone can participate.

At the end of the rounds we'll also have some open social time to relax and enjoy the creative, cozy, life-affirming setting. Continue connecting with others in person… listen to music… have a glass of something… and enjoy the art and creativity of the gallery (where your ticket price can be applied to purchases and where exclusive salon specials will be available).

Tickets are $25.
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If you'd like to learn more, reach us at [email protected].

Many thanks!

"A meaningful gathering of interesting & open-minded people."

"A novel and very enjoyable evening."

"A beautiful evening of connection, intimacy, and love shared in a beautiful community. Thank you!"




(Here's a short video from a larger salon we did on Mt. Tam back in 2019...)