Rendezvous Card Game

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Get Beyond The Small Talk, Have More Meaningful Conversations, And Enjoy Deeper Connections That Uplift, Inspire, And Empower You!

Are you the kind of person who longs to have conversations that feel interesting and meaningful to you? Do you wish there was an easier way to have more engaging and uplifting connections with people without needing a handheld device, digital app, or a cumbersome game board and rules to keep track of?

Rendezvous is a special deck of life-affirming questions. The cards can be pulled out and used in a variety of settings. They can also be experienced on your own, and with others... casually as well as in more focused groups like dinner gatherings and game nights. Rendezvous is universal (intended for ages 13 and up), tangible (no app or technology needed), profound (we think this is the best collections of questions we've ever seen!), and accessible (you can use the cards pretty much anywhere).

Rendezvous is great to use with friends, family, and strangers during get-togethers, dinners, holidays, reunions, dates, hanging out, and team-building. It's also great to use with young adults as a way to help bridge conversations and interactions.

Each deck comes in a quality, emerald velvet travel pouch.
It also has a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

So get your deck today and start uplifting your conversations and creating more meaningful connections in your world.

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