Ceremonial Redwood - No. 6

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Old-growth redwood
53” x 4.5” x 3”
Steel base

This is a piece of hand-split, old-growth redwood. After the majestic tree was cut down, the ‘splinters’ created during the fall were shaped with hand axes into fenceposts. This particular post served as part of a fence in Northern Marin County, California for nearly a century before being salvaged to a reclaimed wood outlet.

The post was turned into this sacred object from the home where I live. In the process, the piece was hand-sanded 5 times in increasingly finer increments before being hand-polished / conditioned to enhance the beauty and depth of the grain with a unique blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil.

“Transforming ‘scrap-wood’ fenceposts into these forms of modern art is a creative-ceremony for me. To take something that was created un-ceremonially (like chopping down redwoods) and turning them into something sacred feels like creativity of the highest order. In this new form, it embodies 1) love for trees, 2) love for Earth, and 3) the power of intention to turn the old into the new. As such, may this piece be like a tuning-fork-portal wherever it resides. May it also be a visual reminder to love what you feel is meaningful and sacred. Trees, Nature, Life, Earth, Presence, Grace, Self, Other, Love, Everything.”


(Note: pricing calculated at $1.08 per cubic inch + the cost of the base.)

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