100-Watt #121

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100-WATT #121

An unmoving light bulb.

May this image activate the support you
need in being who you came here to be.

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  • RECESSED FRAMING. A walnut frame is mounted to the back of a metal print so that the image hangs 1.25" off the wall in a clean, edge-to-edge display. Available for M, L, XL sizes.

  • STANDARD FRAMING. A solid wood frame edges the metal print without the need for glass or plexiglass. Available in walnut or black for all M, L, XL sizes.

  • FLOATING. A wood frame surrounds the metal print with a 1/2" gap which gives the appearance of the image "floating" amidst it. Available in walnut or black for M, L, and XL sizes.

  • TRADITIONAL. A wood frame and 4-ply acid-free matte surround a 100% cotton, archival photographic paper print behind glass. Available in walnut or black for L size only.

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This collection began as a “mistake” while Robert was in a remote monastery in Japan when a long-exposure setting on the camera streaked a bare lightbulb hanging in his room. Months later while back in his studio, he suspended a 100-watt light bulb against a black backdrop and began creating “portraits”, where each image is a single-exposure photograph of the single, unmoving, light bulb.

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